The earthquake that shook the world in Pakistan.

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"The moment illustrated the growing desperation of survivors of the massive earthquake on Saturday that killed an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 people across Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and adjacent areas. One million people were thought to be left homeless." "This food is needed urgently," Amjad Jamal, a World Food Program spokesman, told the Reuters news agency. "People are trying to recover from a major disaster; they are in shock and their bodily resistance will go down if they do not have enough food."

"With worsening weather and rising fears of hunger and disease, people in many stricken areas had yet to see evidence of a government and international relief effort that was attempting to rush in food, shelter and rescue equipment. Countless mud-brick villages -- many of them virtually destroyed -- cling to the sides of Kashmir's forested mountains and are difficult to access in the best of times. The quake was centered in Pakistan, but struck a wide swath of territory in South Asia, affecting parts of India and adjacent areas of Afghanistan."

The devastation was evident during a four-hour drive through part of Kashmir. Families huddled in ruins or stood in the soaking rain as lightning crackled over nearby mountaintops. No international aid vehicles, and only a handful of army trucks, were visible along the route of roughly 50 miles, made nearly impassable in places by rockslides. About 100,0000 people died in the quake, there were very few survivors, police are still looking for survivors and dead buried underneath the rubble.

The scene was similar in Rawalakot, a once-pleasant town of about 60,000 people that is one of the largest in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. "We are badly surprised that we didn't see any Red Cross, any donor agency," said Abid Hussain, a businessman and former chairman of the local...