Earvin (Magic) Johnson Jr.

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Earvin (Magic) Johnson jr.

Let's talk about Magic Johnson. First lets talk about his greatest achievements. I think it was when he won the NCAA championship and (MVP) of the Final Four. He won also the NBA championship and the (MVP) of that to, all in two years. Some say that his greatest achievement is living ten years with AIDS or HIV. I agree that, that was also one of his greatest achievements.

Magic Johnson was born august 14, 1959 in Lansing, Michigan. His father Earvin Sr. often had two jobs to support the family so Magic had little time to spend with his dad. Usually the only day that was open was Sunday. What they did on their free time was watch basketball games on TV and they would discuss strategies. Magic became obsessed with basketball neighbors nicknamed him "June Bug" because he was always hopping around at the local court.

Magic was a all-American at Lansing Everett High School. In September of 1991 he wed long time friend Earletha "cookie" Kelly.

In my opinion his effect on the world was that he set the standards for African American professional athletes and he's improved AIDS awareness. He has became one of the biggest if not the biggest spokesmen for AIDS awareness. He has also sown that anybody even Magic Johnson can get AIDS and they can overcome it so they can keep it under control. These are only just some of his contributions to the world as of this moment. There could be more to come.