East of Eden

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East of Eden

East of Eden contains a very basic and well-known theme of good and evil. Steinbeck's story is based on the Cain and Abel and the word Timshel. Cain and Abel being Cal and Aron bring about the theme with their own actions. In the novel, Cathy Ames is shown with having no good only evil. But she shows some goodness at the end of the novel when she goes to the church to see her abandoned son. The story discuses Heaven and Hell, right and wrong, and truth and lie.

The protagonist of the novel is Cal Trask. Cal Trask is the son of Adam Trask and the brother of Aron. Cal holds a manipulative nature to him. He feels very guilty when he hurts people intentionally or unintentionally. Cal represents Cain in the bible. In the novel, Cal feels bitter towards him brother Aron. Their father seems to favor Aron throughout the novel.

This makes Cal want to seek revenge against his own brother, Aron. The antagonist in the novel is Cathy Ames. Cathy Ames is full of evilness. She is though of as being a monster. Cathy kills her parents by burning their house down with them inside. She then tries to kill Adam and Mr. Edwards. The reader never knows what she is thinking or about to do; this creating the novel's expense. The only normal thing about Cathy appears to be her looks. Since the only love she knows is hatred.

Many minor characters exist throughout the novel. Adam Trask is the father of Cal and Aron Trask. He was an army veteran and used to be married to Cathy Ames. Aron Trask is Cal's brother. He lives in a fantasy world by thinking that everything is holy. Lee is Adam's...