East of Eden

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AP Literature & Composition

24 September, 2014

What Saves Cal? "The East of Eden"

Many people wonder what saves Cal in the movie "The East of Eden". There are several different answers someone can come up with. Cal is stubborn and is look upon as evil. Nobody around him really knows why he acts evil, but they don't show affection towards him because he is not approachable. He tends to act up and his jealously got the best of him. He killed his brother Aron- the good one- emotionally, so Aron went insane and didn't care if he got hurt, especially at war which is something Aron frowned upon. With Aron gone his dad Adam goes into shock and is on bed rest. He is paralyzed on his left side and has no response to anyone. He could die anytime it could be in an hour, a week, or even a year.

At the end of the movie everyone ask what saves Cal. It's not who saves Cal it is what saves Cal. People might think its Abra Bacon- Aron's faience- , or even Cal's dad Adam. Cal's, but it's not. What saves Cal is the powerful feeling of love he finally gets at the end of the movie. Love heals all.

Abra played a part in saving Cal, not a big part like Adam did. Abra is scared of Cal, but shows that she loves him. Cal spends time with her and they talk about their feeling to each other. Even though Abra is engaged to Cal's brother Aron, she shows that she cares about him. That is why Cal is so open with her. They hung out at the festival and Cal kissed her on the Ferris wheel. Aron and Cal ended up getting into a...