"East Moors" by Gillian Clarke with Welsh Landscape by R.S.Thomas.

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Poets Gillian Clarke and R.S.Thomas have a lot of similarities when comparing their lives and poems. They are both Anglo Welsh and are equally concerned about landscape and their surroundings. The two poets have written about nature and the environment. They were both born in Cardiff and are equally English speakers so can relate to each other.

R.S.Thomas has written about a vast landscape and countryside in his poem 'Welsh Landscape.' The poet has used words which generate a medieval and mysterious setting. He has used a lot of negative words which makes the reader think the poet feels sadness and bitterness.

In East Moors, Gillian Clarke has produced a sense of personal belief. She has used real place names which makes helps the reader recognise the area and identify the places she has written about. She has written about the local community as if she has knowledge of their everyday living situation and gradually becomes more optimistic towards the end of the poem.

R.S.Thomas has chosen the title 'Welsh Landscape' which suggests that he is going to be writing about the landscape of Wales. He writes about Wales as a whole and what he links to it when he contemplates it. 'To live in Wales is to be conscious...it is to be aware...' He has used mainly short lines which create tension with the reader 'and no future, / there is only the past...' Gillian Clarke has selected the title 'East Moors' which suggests she is going to be writing about a specific place in Wales. She has made her poem sound natural by making it sound like someone is saying the words instead of them being written by using proper long sentences 'At the end of a bitter April,/ the cherries flower at last in Penylan.'

Gillian Clarke...