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Memories are always in my mind and inside in my heart. Bad-goods memories reminding me moments, days and years when I cried and laughed. Every day that I lived or I live is a different day. A photo album makes me go in the past or become nostalgic for the remembered times. I open it and I see an old black and white picture. It's my grandmother, my brother, my grandfather, my mother, and me. I remember that day...

"Are you ready kids?"

"We're almost ready, mom."

"We have to leave home early in case we get lost. Be the way, who remembers how to get to the church?" My brother and me looked at each other. My brother said: "Well, we have to pass through that will show us the way. First we turn at the flower shop, straight to the video store that dangles Julia Robert's and Richard Gere's pictures.

Then comes the furniture store with the big white sofas, and candle store which is very close to the church."

It was Easter time in Greece. Every place, every store was decorated with Easter eggs and Easter chocolate bunnies. The candles were magnificent. Blue, red, yellow lights had turned the people and buildings to the most beautiful never seen. I had never seen so many colorful bows, different kinds of flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. it was springtime and inside my mind are buried these nights. I remember that spring nights had a characteristics aroma and smell of freshness that you couldn't get enough of. The smell of the ground, the trees and spring flowers made you enjoy staying outside late at night. At the church were all my family, relatives and Godmother. She was a lady in her early seventies. I had known her just few weeks. My...