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Eastern religion is a group of religions originating in India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Eastern religions tend to view the divine as immanent, internal and integral to the adherent. While many of these faiths feature polytheistic pantheons, ultimate reality is often seen as beyond the gods, but internal to every living being. While many Western observers attempt to distinguish between philosophies and religions, this is a distinction that does not exist in Eastern tradition. (Wikepedia) This paper will take a look at some of these Eastern religions and how it expressed throughout the world.

Eastern Religion and Modern MedicineWhen we think of modern medicine, we think of hospitals, doctors, immunizations and surgical procedures. Medicine has come a long way from the barbaric practices of our past, however in Eastern religions they put a surprising amount of stock in the simpler ways of healing. One such method is shiatsu. Shiatsu is a form of healing that combines the Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the Eastern understanding of life and health (Bourne, 2003).

Shiatsu literally stands for "finger pressure" where the hand is used to apply pressure forcefully onto a part of the body in order to correct imbalances and promoting health. The process stimulates the immune system and promotes use of our natural healing abilities (www.holisticjunction.com). There is also Seiki, which is a practice that embraces Shinto and Zen Buddhism. Seiki focuses on breathing to cleans and repair the body. It is believed that the life's energy is breath, and when it is pure and filling, it is able to renew the body (Bourne, 2003). This practice is disregarded by many because of its sheer simplicity, but is nonetheless quite effective with untangling the body from all of its daily stressors.

Another alternative form of medicine that was...