The Eastland Shutdown

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For a plant that has been in operations for more than 20 years and had over 2,000 employees, the shutting down of the Speedy Motor Company should have been handled in a more professional manner, rather than giving less than one month's notice.

If their business had fallen near to nothing over a period of time, as stated by the company executives, then the company could have already been letting its employees know of the possibility of its closing so as to them searching for future employment elsewhere or making preparations for joblessness in their near futures.

When a company has been in business for as long as the plant in Eastland has, then the owners and managers had enough a forehand knowledge that troubles were ahead. So this would mean that they, the company executives, should take primary responsibility for those laid off as a result of the plant closing.

If I was one off the company's executives, I would devise a plan as to ensure that the company could not give less than a 6 month notice of its doors closing.

If for some reason it had to close its doors early employees would have a special policy that they could contribute to throughout the years that they work to ensure they do not get thrown out into the cold with nothing. This would be of a voluntary basis for those interested in the event of the plant closing they would have something to fall back on if they needed it or when it came time for their retirement they would have something extra that they had put aside, like a special savings.

They would have this information before their first day of work in the forms that they fill out with the human resources department.

It would...