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Reaction Paper: Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman is a movie directed by a famous Taiwanese director, Lee Ang, in the year of 1994. The movie is one of the earliest movies that Lee Ang has made. Different than any other movies that we have watched in class, this is the first movie that takes place in Taiwan and the first movie that is directed by a Taiwanese director. I found the movie really interesting in many ways. In the first half of the paper, I am going to discuss the movie techniques that have been used in the movie. In the other half of the movie, I am going to introduce the major theme in the movie.

From watching the movie, we can clearly see that how Lee Ang has changed his movie styles from years to year. Earlier in Lee Ang's career, the movies that Lee Ang has made are mostly drama film; in other words, the movies are mostly focusing on the story itself rather than focusing on other elements.

Later in Lee Ang's movies, Lee Ang has changed his movie styles to different types of movies, including the movie of martial arts and science-fiction film. However, the movies that Lee Ang directed are all easy to watch and people always feel relaxing watching his movies, just like how people keep laughing in the class when we watched Eat Drink Man Woman yesterday.

Lee Ang is a brilliant director; he can always know how to make the movie of Eat Drink Man Woman so outstanding. In the first scene of the Eat Drink Man Woman, Lee Ang used movie technique of full shot to show the entire street in Taipei in order to tell the audiences where the movie takes place. In...