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Sheli Ayers


Eating Disorders: A problem faced by young women and teens in the United States.

How a woman perceives herself can be highly influenced by the examples she has in her life. For example, the average pants size of a woman in the United States is about a 12 to 14, however the average pants size of a super model is around zero to two. We don't have enough role models that reflect the attributes that the average woman has to offer; therefore the average woman does not have a realistic image goal in the examples highlighted in today's media. Considering these inadequate figures as good role models to look up to can crush a woman's self-esteem and push her to a point where she is willing to harm herself to get the results she wants. One of the most common form of disorders based off of image in women are different forms of eating disorders.

Eating disorders can be the cause of emotional shutdowns, social isolation, extreme health risk, possibly even death, and the gateway to even more self-destructive behavior for youth who are exposed to them. By providing more emotional support to adolescents, educating them on the damaging effects that eating disorders can have, and urging the media to generally put the spot light on a wider variety of entertainers for teens and young women to look up to, specifically more full figured women to stand as good role models, the battle on these tragic diseases can be won.

In order to help prevent eating disorders in teens and young women, they must have support from parents, friends, and guardians. They must show their young teens that being healthy is what is beautiful and not the size or image...