Ebonics in Schools

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Ebonics in Schools

Many black individuals have played their part in America's history. Has the Oakland School gone too far by wanting to teach a black slang language in school. In this paper, you will see the peoples, teachers, and the student's opinion as well as the Senate.

A lot of people are speaking out on the subject, especially actors. Arsenio Hall replied to reporters "When I heard somebody from Oakland say the word genetic, on TV, I ran into the kitchen so I didn't have to be mad at anybody." James McDaniel of ABC's NYPD Blue and S. Epatha Merkerson of NBC's Law and Order described the Oakland School Board's decision on Ebonics as a distinct genetically based language (Shister, p.1). Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson defended Oakland's school over a controversial plan to recognize black English in the classroom (N.A., p.1).

On December 18, 1996 the Oakland School Board approved a policy affirming Standard American English language development for all students.

This policy covers the effectiveness of the strategies that must be utilized to ensure that every child will achieve English language Proficiency (Hawkins, p.1). This policy is based on the work of a broad-based Task-Force, convened six months ago to review the district-wide achievement data and to make recommendations regarding the effective practices that will enhance the opportunity for all students to successfully achieve the standards of all students. The data shows the low levels of the student performance and lack of students in the Advanced Placement Education Program. These recommendations focus on the unique language stature of the African American Students (Shister, p.2).

One of the programs recommended is the Standard English Proficiency Program, which is a state of California model program. Which promotes English-language development for African-American students. The S.E.P. (Standard English Proficiency) training enables...