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eBusiness is the administration of conducting business via the Internet. That includes purchasing and selling of products and services, along with providing technical and customer support through the web. eBusiness has been and still is a term used in coincidence with e-commerce. However, it includes services in addition to the sale of products.

New web sites flood the Internet everyday, each of them showing or selling a product. The company's that own the web sites do their best to make sure that their looks and feels better than that of their competitors because if their site catches the eye of the consumer and is easier to navigate than the consumer will return to their web site for future business. The following will compare and contrast the look and maneuverability of three automotive web sites.

Cars.comAt first glance one will notice the words sell, buy, and research on the website.

Upon further looking the main page is full of pictures of automobiles and automobile advertisements. The main page offers car reviews, a top 10 cars list, and car shopping tools and tips guide. An individual can look up American made car in the Am-Made Index, the top 10 movie cars and a 3-row crossover face-off. A car buyer can look up expert reviews and view new videos.

To research the vehicle in question there is access to the Blue Book Values, a side-by-side comparison option, an auto loan calculator, and an option to find auto dealers in one's area. The site offers shopping advice as well as weekly specials and a chance to check out next year's vehicles.

Compared to CarsDirect.com, Cars.com has fewer tabs to what the site offers, an individual must look through the website to find additional options such as financing, and trade-ins. CarsDirect.com offers a buying...