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About is one of the world's largest online B2B marketplaces, connecting millions of suppliers and buyers worldwide. Since 1997, has been facilitating global trade opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Through its leading technology and expertise in international trade, it has achieved international recognition and trust in the global business community.Today has over one million member companies, three million products, one million buyers in it database, and 3.5 million monthly visitors. And it is still growing.

Company Overview started in 1997 as an online trade board of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). In 2000, EC21 Inc. was spun off from KITA. Since then, EC21 has provided local small-and-medium-sized export companies with a comprehensive range of trade support services and global business opportunities.

EC21, the largest overseas marketing company for SMEs in Korea, offers a range of marketing services such as global market research, on/offline overseas marketing, trade education programs and overseas cooperation.

The company also operates the EU Gateway Programme, a business cooperation program funded and managed by the European Union (EU).

with EC21!

EC21 makes you discover global business opportunities.

EC21 Site Statistics

Our network has 2,500,000 members worldwide, over 5 million visits and 15 million page views every month. We provide millions of product listing and buying/selling leads in over 5,300 product categories and over 1,100,000 inquiries are exchanged every month.

Visitor Distribution by Country

EC21 has over 50 million visitors from various countries such as USA, China, India, UK while other major B2B companies usually get most of the traffic from China.

Buyer Distribution by Country has Global Buyer Database of various industries and regions. * Note: Most other B2B sites, however, do not have their own buyer database (they have...