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Ecology of an Endangered Ecosystem

4) One of the most endangered animals that are involved in the Food Web of the Antarctic is the Blue Whale. The reason for the near extinction of the blue whale is caused by them being constantly fished out until they were protected by the international community in 1966.

5) The endangerment of the Blue Whale affects the Antarctic Food Web because many of the Primary and Secondary consumers transfers energy towards the Blue Whale. Blue Whales are the main part of the Antarctic Food Web because of its connection with a large portion of the Food Web.

6) The main and biggest influence in the endangerment for the Blue Whale is the mass amount of them being fished out as well as ship strikes. The other factors that threaten Blue Whales are the habitat loss and also the Toxins due to ship wreck. Most of these factors overlap because of the man made threats.

7) Just like in question 5, the food energy source being transferred to the Blue Whale is also being consumed by other predators. But since the decline of Blue Whales, energy from the Shrimps and Krills that Blue Whales eat are scarce. In fact, the extinction of Blue Whales would leave tons of primary consumers-filled energy.

8) If the extinction of the Blue Whales arrives then the Antarctic Food Web would be imbalanced due to the fact that Blue Whales consume an abundance of Shrimp and Krill. This means that Shrimps and Krill will be over-populated than average.

9) Actions to be taken to help keep the Blue Whales from extinction would definitely be to reducing the amount fishing out Blue Whales as well as less ship strike/wreck. Most of the reasons on why the Blue Whales are on...