Economic Forecasting

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ContentsBrief History and Industry Overview3SWOTT Analysis4Real GDP6Inflation Rate measured by CPI6Retail Sales Report6Unemployment Rate6S&P 500, DJIA, & NASDAQ7Money Supply8Economic Indicators8Real GDP9Inflation Rate measured by CPI9Retail Sales Report10Unemployment Rate10S&P 500, DJIA, & NASDAQ11Money Supply11Economic Indicator Forecasts12Real GDP12Inflation Rate measured by CPI12Retail Sales Report13Unemployment Rate13S&P 500, DJIA, & NASDAQ13Money Supply14References17Retail: Brief History and Industry OverviewThe Sears and Roebuck store is one of the first well renowned retail stores to ever open up. The store started off as a mail order business that sold things such as clothing, shoes and household items in their very own catalog. Their first retail store opened up in 1925 and branched from a clothing catalog with household items to a large retailer. Since then it has had success with the addition of automotive, lawn and garden as well as optometry.

Retail sales tend to increase every year with the addition of new stores coming onto the market.

Clothing and mass merchant stores such as Wal-Mart tend to have significant increases in retails sales by their main selling points that reel customers in are their commitment to have the lowest prices and also to remain competitive with other merchants that sell the same or similar items.

Retailers have used many tools in the past to be able to attract customers and generate a higher amount of retail sales. Advertising in newspapers and magazines contribute to a high amount of aid in overall sales. Holding customer appreciation days where special offers are utilized as well as free giveaways to provide customers with the incentive to buy more at their store.

Retail sales increase on one of the biggest shopping days of the year called Black Friday. Black Friday has been a shopping tradition for centuries and has led to a nationwide phenomenon. Black Friday is held the day after...