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Goal: The project aims to enhance the ability and habit of reading for mountainous students in Dong Nghe Commune, Da Bac District, Hoa Binh Province through Dream Library model placed at each school

Verifiable indicators



1.To improve the environment for study

2.To provide books

3.To improve the rate of local students who have awareness of the importance of reading

1.1. Two new book libraries constructed and in use in accordance with the design and budget approved by the district

1.2. Two libraries units equipped and in use

2.1. About 2000 books for library, in average, each student has opportunity to access 700 books per year

3.1. 90% of students will be present at the curricular activities meeting

The price of the construction materials will not go up higher than what is allowed for in the budget

The parents will allow their children to go to the meeting


1.Construction and provision of supplies and equipment

1.1. New building will be constructed and in use

1.2. Basic furniture, equipment and supplies will be purchased for two selected school units

2.Provinding books

3.Public announcement

3.1. Headmaster of each school will launch and announce campaign through loudspeaker

3.2.Extracurricular activities meeting

(Reading Day, Story Telling Competitions, Drama)

3.3. Leaflets, posters and slogans will be designed and distributed to each household or hung on public area

3.4. Family visits will be organized to motivate the parents allow their children to join in extracurricular activities meeting

1.1. -Two construction-monitoring teams will be set up

- One book collection room, 1 reading room, 1 study equipment room, 1 fresh water supply system, 1 toilet block will be built.

1.2. Fifty desks, 100 chairs, 50 set of pictures, 15 Book-shelves will be...