Economic Integration as a Peaceful Solution to the China-Taiwan Crisis

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International Relations of East and Southeast Asia

Economic Integration as a Peaceful Solution to the China-Taiwan Crisis

My argument for the economic integration and the interaction between Taiwan and China will help both countries to define their sovereignty in the future, which China and Taiwan have fought over for the past fifty years. I believe the sovereignty of Taiwan and its ambiguous identity will work itself out through the cooperation of economic relations.

China and Taiwan have had a tenuous relationship for a while and will be analyzed by looking back its history. Toward the end of World War Two and after the civil war in China relations between Taiwan and its neighbor to the north have been fragile. After the Japanese had surrendered to the Allies in 1945 Taiwan was administered by China from 1945-1949. Once Mao's army had defeated Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Party they retreated to Taiwan.

He had called the government in Taiwan the Republic of China (ROC), while Communist leaders of the PRC saw the ROC "as the remnant of the ancient regime that had, by 1949, been reduced to a rebel or insurgent regime against which it was determined to extinguish or pacify" (Tsang 4). It is interesting to note on what the PRC is willing to pay over this troublesome issue. And it also has at times risked greater conflict between China and the US, which puts the US's situation in the middle. In the wake of the Korea crisis the US government sent its 7th fleet into the Taiwan Strait and the issue has since become connected with Sino-American relations. During the Cold War, the US viewed the Soviet Union as a greater threat and tried to establish better relations with China. In 1972 Richard Nixon traveled...