Economic, political, and social forces that contributed in causing Imperialism

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Imperialism is the domination over an undeveloped country socially, politically, and economically. Imperialism affected many countries. For example, China, India, Africa, and South America were all affected by imperialism. Causes of imperialism are nationalistic motives, military motives, economic motives, and missionary motives. Many nations wanted to expand their territory, their army, and develop a more successful trade with no limitation. Imperialism began in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Due to economic, political, and social forces including the Industrial Revolution, trade, and military conditions.

One cause of the New Imperialism according to economic, political, and social forces was the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution led to the New Imperialism because the makers of cotton and iron goods were very interested in imperialism. The Industrial revolution developed new ways of communication like the telegraph and the telephone. It also helped means of transportation with providing planes, cars, and trains. The Industrial Revolution helped provide many colonies with factories to provide themselves with raw materials.

Ship owners demanded coaling stations for their ships and naval bases for protection. The most powerful business groups were the bankers. Banks made loans to colonies and backward countries for building railways and steamship lines. The American factories were also making more than the American people can use. The soil is producing more goods than consumers need. This forces them to start establishing trading posts throughout the world. This helped America make more money by selling the products that they did not need. One main cause of imperialism was the Industrial Revolution.

A second cause of the New Imperialism according to economic, political, and social forces was the improvement of trade. Because of the large amount of supplies that American factories and land were producing the Americans established trading posts around the globe. Many colonies desperately...