Economic Prosperity and decline in Canada.

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During the great war, many export markets for Canadian Producers fell

dramatically. Because of the huge war debts of Europeans countries, which hurt

the western farmers badly, there was simply no market for Canadian goods. So the

Canadians (about a million) move to United States from the rural areas of

Eastern Canada, all because of high unemployment and increased on bankruptcies.

By 1924, conditions were much improved in Canada because of the american

investment in Canada soared, from large demands for wheat, pulp and paper,

hydroelectricity and mining, newsprint,nickels and aluminum.

In 1928, American and Canadian products values of wheat exports, climbed from

$45.5 million dollars to 633.1 million in 1928 by the demands from recovering

Europeans economies. Around the same time, industries such as pulp and

paper,hydroelectricity and mining were developed and expanded as the demand for

their products grew in the United States and other countries. Because of

American investment in Canada raised, people once again immigrated to Canada to

take advantages of the new opportunities, proving that Canada's natural

resources helped fueled the economic boom in the 1920s.

Another resources which made the Canadian investment soar, was the demand for

newsprint from United States. Between 1918 and 1928, investment in Canadian

paper mills increased by more than 350 percent as well as the production. Canada

was soon known as the worlds leading maker of paper, by the end of the 1920s.

Pulp and paper mills were soon built in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario,

Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the 1920s which greatly increased

competition among the leading newsprint companies, much like the American-based

International Paper Company and Abitibi Power and Paper. The demand for

newsprint proved that because of Canada's resources, newsprint had help fueled

the economic boom in 1920s.

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