Economic Research about Ministry of Communication and information technology In Egypt

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Introduction for Our Organization

Ministry of communication and information technology was formed in 1999 to case the transaction into the global information society. Since then, the MCIT has been implementing the ambitious national communications and information technology plan that offers incentives which have attracted the investments across the IT and telecommunication sector.

The plan's success is due, in large parts, to the private sector's participation in its development.

Effective 3 Jun 1999, MINCOM was expanded and renamed Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT). With the expansion, MCIT has taken over National Computer Board (NCB) from the Trade and Industry Ministry.

Egypt has seen huge growth in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector in the last years; this was the beginning of a larger change in the country. The last seven years have witnessed 30 billion invested in ICT companies, and an overall growth in the industry of 700 percent.

The Egyptian government has set three main pillars where policy and development are currently concentrated, that are interwoven to allow Egypt to present itself as a world class provider of services and industry.

The second pillar, considered as crucial part in benefiting all, is the provision of total access to the Internet and related services to encourage entrepreneurs and markets to fulfil their potential.

The government's policy of e-Access is particularly oriented as a foundation for using the power of ICT to assist in the development of traditional and older industries in Egypt. Companies must be assisted in realizing their existing potential for output by exploring the application of new ICTs to create increased employment opportunities.

The third pillar of Egypt's Information Society progress is maintaining regulatory policies have been put in place allowing Egypt to become an attractive foreign investment opportunity. Privatization is also encouraging freer markets, with...