Economic Research UK & Ireland

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Economic Research: UK & Ireland

1. Global Context of Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country located in Western Europe, with a history of more than 5000 years. It used to be a British colonial and became an independent country called "Republic of Ireland" in 1922. Northern Ireland is still ruled by United Kingdom nowadays. From 3000 BC European immigrants from the mainland Europe began to settle in the island of Ireland. After 4000 years' development, Ireland entered the era of feudal society in 12th century and was invaded by British army in 1169. After two years' warfare, King Henry II established the sovereignty in Ireland. From that time, people of Ireland gradually forfeited the sovereignty of their motherland. In 1800 Ireland was completely annexed by Great Britain. A hundred years later, the outbreak of "Easter Uprising" became the start of Ireland independence. Ireland didn't become completely independent until 1949, when British government recognized the legitimacy of independence of Ireland.

2. Global Context of UK

United Kingdom is one of...