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Running Head: U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENTEconomic Trends of the U.S. Federal Government:The U.S. Federal Government is at a stand still right now. With the most recent issues on Capitol Hill with the banks going under and financial stability non existent the federal government does not know which way to go. The Federal Government is the power and authority. The Federal Government using a check and balances system to distribute and regulate issues as it relates to the U.S. Constitution. The Federal Government is broken up into three sections: Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches. Within these branches of the government there are cabinets, agencies and executive departments. The Federal Government administers its daily operations through the executive departments and agencies. The Federal Government is the world's biggest customer. The Federal Government depends on the world to function correctly so that the efforts on their part can operate efficently for everyone. At this point in our economic times the Federal Government is operating poorly economically, socially, and is on the recovery side politically, with our new administration President Barrack Obama, and because of this, the United States is at the worst financial situation is has faced in a long time, but a change is coming.

In the 1929, the United States of America was hit by the biggest depression in history. The Great Depression not only affected Americans, but the nations who relied on our exports and traded with the United States. The stock market crash of October 1929, or "Black Tuesday," was considered the beginning of the Great Depression. However, the stock market crash was not the only cause of the depression. Many other events led to the Great Depression: the European country's inability to pay off their war debts led to the United States lessening their foreign trade.

Additionally, speculation in...