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Journal on "Regional Policy" and "Crime" It's very sad to state that the whole situation in Lithuania is very tough when considering territorial disparities and the weaknesses of the regional plan. These differences have now become very large and very evident in the past ten years: especially in urban-rural areas, private or public sectors, because Lithuania is not a homogenous country. However, it's very disappointing that " Regional policy and regional planning as a separate sphere of government activity began to develop under the influence of the new needs that emerged in the process of Lithuania's preparation for membership of the EU." (HDR, 19) The primary goal was simply to take advantage of assistance from the EU.

I think that creating regional plan the government should look to the whole society's needs not only for the sake of assistance. Government adequately didn't measure what's the degree of inequality and what is the best way to solve this problem.

It is just boldly striving to join the EU by any means. The government couldn't create their own institutions, but copied them from the examples of EU. This shows its ignorance and inability to create own model that would meat the needs of Lithuania. The guidelines for creating regional plan in one country are different than for the requirements of Lithuania. And the level of development of Lithuania is different than elsewhere.

Also it is very strange how Lithuania defined regions. It seems that the problem was solved very easily. The government just divided all the districts of Lithuania into regions and in this way very easily slipped away from the whole issue of defining regions. I think that the government should have made a research about the real borders of one region and another in order...