Economics Assignment - Comparative study of Australia and Indonesia

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In 2002, Australia has a population of 20 million while Indonesia had 217.1 million people. Indonesia is situated in South-East Asia and Australia is south of the same region. Australia is an island continent, mostly consisting of dry and arid deserts. Indonesia is much smaller in area and is an archipelago of over 3000 islands with tropical and rainy climate as well as dense rainforest vegetation. Both of the nations currently have democratic governments although for much of recent history Indonesia existed under military rule.

Australia is a small open mixed market economy. Most economic choices are decided through the private sector but there is government intervention in order to legislate and stabilise the economy. Australia is classified as a developed economy because of its high per capita income, high living standards and modern industrialisation.

Even though Indonesia is a large open mixed market economy, it is classified as a developing economy because of its low per capita income and living standards.

The country is beginning to industrialise, however most of its income is still derived from primary and agricultural sectors.

Australia has a larger economy than Indonesia in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the past fifteen years, Australia has had strong stead economic growth. Indonesia has sustained a similar rate growth to Australia except that during the late 90's the Asian Financial Crisis had caused Indonesia's economy to collapse and go into recession. During the financial crisis, several economic problems developed in Indonesia and the government was replaced.

Indicators for the quality of life include access to services such as health and education, access to food, water and a clean environment, strong law enforcement and minimal corruption and the government allowing democratic rights and freedom to the people. These are calculated together as a Human Development...