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Golden Circle

1. Golden Circle is an unlisted public company that primarily belongs to the Australian fruit and vegetables industry. It's owned by around 700 farmer shareholders, most of whom supply the company with their products. Golden Circle only manufactured pineapples when it was founded back in 1947, compared to around 500 different products now. The production type is a computerized inventory factory that uses labour workers as well. The process in general; the crops are grown, then picked, then transported to the factory. The factory then processes the foods, cans them, and labels them. The cans are then taken to different retail stores around Australia or exported overseas for use.

2. * Location

The main Golden Circle factory is situated at Northgate, and was founded back in 1947, soon after the end of World War 2. The land was available for sale for a cheap price from the government (the land had been used as an army barracks) and the Golden Circle founders bought 16.5

ha of land. Cheap land would have been a major plus in setting up the company, provided the location is suitable for all other criteria of a factory. Golden Circle have just purchased another 10 ha of cheap government property to grow crops on site for even fresher, faster processing, and therefore allowing more products to be made for the high demand of Australian consumers. The factory is situated in the outskirts of a major city, Brisbane city, so labour force is plentiful, for a reasonably cheap price, especially for the conditions they work in. Likewise, the factory has no trouble receiving enough power from the city's power supplies. Transport is cheap and fast from Golden Circle to farmers, as the cargo can travel by...