economy blondie

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Economy Blondie

It was an unusually busy day at the bank. Emily Baker had just sat down for her morning break when she got a phone call. It was Clark Kent, an editor at the local newspaper, who she had been dating for several months. Emily thought he had the prettiest eyes, and she really liked him. He was a little clumsy and always seemed to run off when trouble was brewing. Ironically this made her life easier so she never questioned it. She would often find herself daydreaming as to how she would eventually reveal her true identity to him. Emily smiled to herself as she accepted his dinner offer and told him she would see him at 7pm that evening.

Emily returned back to work and It seemed that a customer were very upset saying "the value of money is worth nothing." Oh, that Ginger Price must be up to her evil ways again" exclaimed Emily as she noticed the money the customer had received had been replicated.

Ginger Price was her evil cousin and her nemesis. Ginger Price better known to Emily by her alias name Scarlet Price. They were cousins and best friends as teenagers. Scarlet Price was a beautiful red head with a fiery temper that worked at the local country club. Scarlet had always loved to shop and read. She had a special power that was revealed as a teenager which allowed her to replicate things. During her teens, she learned to replicate money which she used to bribe friends and buy expensive clothing. It wasn't until later that Emily realized what Scarlet was doing and she finally called her out using her own new found laser vision power to destroy the money. That was the beginning of the end of their friendship. After...