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As years go by, ample transformation in technology had occurred . This said transformation is formed very useful in everyday lives. Various transformation in technology had caused us to live simply and comfortably within the reach. This transformation is also the transformation in processes. In this transformation of process is the manual process of D' State Merchant. But this process has not changed, and more stuffy and has sometimes caused them in tracing the errors within the business Sales information System, it is where captures sales data at the moment the sale take place to help the business monitor sales transaction and provide information to help management analyzed trends and the3 effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

D' State Merchant business operation is in manual process of transactions and business processes that deals with ordering product, sales inventory. It's drawbacks; redundant data, hassle transaction and processes of the business.

Those stated drawbacks above will be solved through an automated system. The system be needing any information in relation of the process involved in the business. The proponents proposed a system that would govern out the problem encountered by the company. With giving emphasis to this, proponents conducted certain interviews and data gathering together to come up with the system would absolutely fit process of establishment particularly in relation to their sales.

The Sales Information System is a flexible tool which allows you to collect, consolidates and utilizes data from Sales and Distribution processing. It can be used at different levels in the decision-making process as a control and planning instrument, enabling you to recognize market developments and economic trends early on and to take appropriate measures (Jordan, Jason (2009).

Conceptualizing of Sales Information System was agreed by the proponents. The system shall provide the establishment an easy...