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The Macroeconomic of Japan


This essay is mainly about a brief introduction of the outline of the macro-economy of Japan. It briefly introduces the current situation of the agriculture, Industry and Service of Japan.

Main body:

With the population of about 0.2 billion, Japan is the 4th largest economy in the globe behind The USA, The EU and China. Its GDP was about USD6 trillion in 2012. But due to its vast investment oversea, its GNP is much higher than its GDP, ranking the 3rh largest economy in the world behind the USA and the EU (EW World Economy Team, 2013).


The majority of Japan's territory mountain or hills, it is covered with forest and unsuitable for agricultural, industrial or residential uses. So that Japan's population is concentrated in the coastal region, especially several big urban agglomerations such as Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama. And absolutely its agriculture is constrained due to the too limited cultivable land.

(The Index, 2013).


Japan has to import a large amount of raw materials, ore, energy product like mine and crude oil, Its barren land that mainly consist of mountain is lack of those necessary materials for develop industry. So Japan imports most of their product to develop its Industry. With advanced technology, Japan has been successfully overcoming this problem over the past eras.

Recently, despite an overall economic stagnation for nearly two decades, Japan's industries are still among the most highly advanced and innovative in the world. Japanese manufactures, particularly in electronics and automobiles, are the world leaders in both production and technological advancements in their respective fields (The New York Times, 2013).

At the same time, Japan is pride of its highly developed vehicle industry, Famous Japanese vehicle manufacture are very popular all over the world. They are...