Economy Online: How the Internet is Changing the World

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The rapidly expanding list of services available to fulfill everyday tasks from the convenience of home will undoubtedly result in an economic shift, though the extent and full nature of such a shift can only be speculated upon. Business follows a trend, rising and falling in a predictable pattern that allows a measure of ease in surmising the nature of its expansions and technological upgrades. Households, however, are as varied and unpredictable as the people who inhabit them. An example: three families need to make a deposit at the local bank. Family A is fully "in the now" of the information age, has a home network, and much prefers to do its banking from home. In this manner, they save time and gas money, avoiding tedious teller lines and often stressful traffic altogether. This situation occurrs less than half the time, or so it would seem, at present. This brings me to Family B, who is either unable to afford the luxury of a home computer system, or has yet to acquire one for whatever reason.

The second category also contains many other families who may have a PC, but have failed to partake of the Internet or Internet-users who simply do things the way they always have - the reasons being (again) monetary, transportation, etc. These people comprise the majority of computer owners as well as non-owners. Lastly, is Family C. Family C is purely conjecture based on several people I have encountered. This family can afford the added benefits of a well-integrated home computer system, but distrusts the nature of electronic information and refuses to involve itself with the internet.

As can be seen from this example, the varied incomes and lifestyles of people will most likely cause their part in the onrush of the information age to...