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Analysis Statement of The Problem / Issue The main problem or the issue in this article is bugs and herbicides. We should consider paying more attention to side effects of herbicides and pesticides and how much they cost.

Summary Humans are making the rate of evolution of harmful species such as viruses, bacteria or agricultural pests increase. This is not a good thing. The results to these kinds of growths cost a lot to heal. This is what the general public does not understand. Evolution of harmful organisms effects our daily life in many different ways. Sometimes, when we try to fight theses harmful organisms, we kill other beneficial organisms with them. This is what we should think about before using new herbicides and new drugs or chemicals.

Personal Opinion I personally think that we should cut down on the use of herbicides and other drugs that can make our life better because sometimes, they can make our life harder as side effects too.

They might kill other organisms with them or you may have to pay a lot to make it easier for you. We should also learn that evolution is occurring all the time every place because it just never stops because organisms are reproducing all the time. Some of these organisms might be harmful or some might be uses useful. Therefore, I think that we should think more about the cost and side effects of herbicides and other different drugs.