Eddie Izzard and Optimism in Stand-up Comedy

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By the use of what techniques has Eddie Izzard achieved fame, and how does his choice of material differ from that of the traditional stand-up comedian?

Introduction to a comic genius

Eddie Izzard is an optemist/surrealist transvestite stand-up comedian who cracked his way into comedy in a most unconventional way. He has overturned the stereotypical view that stand-up comedy is all about cruelty and humiliation. His desire to become a comedian came from a troubled background and love of the audience but has now lead him in the direction of fame and universal admiration within his theatrical genre. He makes use of wit to capture and inthrawl his audience, while maintaining a level of discipline and dignity in his material. Izzards choice of material has some immediate influences, however can also be linked to many genres of comedy dating back to greek comedy of the 5th century. The image that Izzard has adopted on-stage has caused some contrversey but I feel that it is not without purpose or purely from personal choice.

Izzards stand-up comedian performances, which are recorded and sold on video and DVD, are quite extravagant and include complex lighting and set designs. Due to his level of optimism and popularity, Eddie Izzard has put himself into a position where his choice of material has the ability to effect his audience on a level deeper than simple entertainment. Is it possible for such a performer to have an effect of soceity or on how individuals think? Izzards positive out-look on life, combined with his clever use wit and his ability to relate to his audience on a personal level, makes him the best stand-up comedian of his generation.

How Eddie Izzard 'the comedian' came about

Eddie Izzard was born in Yemen into an English family and, most important...