Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe

You may have seen the compelling work of word-art titled "The Raven" or heard the name "Edgar Allan Poe". But have you ever wondered what drew fame from this extraordinary literary idol of the 19th Century? Edgar Allan Poe was not only the author of great volumes of haunting poetry and chilling short stories. He was a unique and successful writer, editor, scholar and public speaker. His vocabulary and word usage was intense and darkly beautiful. My interest in this compelling and remarkable man was met with information when I began researching him to write this essay.

I chose to dedicate the life of this essay to the life, times and writings of Edgar Allan Poe. I decided to focus my words upon this particular topic of interest because I enjoy reading Poe's short stories and poetry, and I believe that he was one of history's most monumental literary idols.

Before I began doing research for this essay I knew close to nothing about him besides the fact that I loved his work. I have enjoyed reading the writings of Edgar Allan Poe ever since I discovered "The Raven" a few years ago in an anthology of famous poetry. Ever since that fine day when I first set my eyes upon the works of Poe, I have found his words to be interesting, enticing and thought provoking. His short stories and poems are beautifully crafted, morbidly pretty and sometimes rather intense works or art.


Edgar Allan Poe was said to have born in Boston on October 19th, 1809 to a southern family that belonged to a traveling company of actors and actresses. However, some people argue that his real birth year was 1811. His mother's name was Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe. She was a very well...