Edgar Allan Poe: Master of his craft

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Edgar Allan Poe: The master of his craft

Edgar Allan Poe explored a variety of dark themes in his literature. Poe lived what certainly turned out to be a short, dramatic life that was full of loss. Writers often write about things they know, and it appears as if Poe was no different. Poe's life was wrought with the same gothic, mysterious, horror, fatally flawed and pain that you find throughout his literature. Poe seemed to be fascinated with the dark side of life, and what you might call the even darker side of death.

Born in Boston, Poe was his parents' second child. Both of his parents were actors. Poe's mother was a successful actress, while his father is remembered as more of a drunk than anything else. His father abandoned the family in 1810, and his mother died the following year from tuberculosis.

Poe was three years old when he lost both of his parents. As an orphan Poe was taken in by John and Frances Allan a well-to-do family from Richmond Virginia. Although they never formally adopted him, the Allan's gave him the name Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe was with them well into young adulthood. Poe had a tumultuous relationship with his stepfather. With the death of Frances Allan in 1829, Poe and John Allan reached a temporary cease fire in in their combative relationship, and Poe joined the United States Armed Forces on May 27, 1827 under the assumed name Edgar Perry. It was at this time Poe began writing. Later, after failing to become an officer's cadet at West Point, Poe declared firm wishes to become a professional poet and writer. Poe at this point parted ways with father figure John Allan.