Edgar Allen Poe and his life, it is 268 words.

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Edgar Allan Poe uses horror and gloomy moods throughout all of his poems. Horror, revulsion, depressing, and bleak are words that can describe the mood of the poems "Annabel Lee" and "For Annie". In the Poem "Annabel Lee", the Narrator has passionate love for Annabel Lee and says "But we loved with a love that was more than love". The narrator was obsessed with Annabel Lee and believed that the Angles in heaven were jealous of their happiness and decided to kill Annabel. "Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee" The words Killing and Chilling create such a mood that it creates imagery. You can picture a dark storm and Annabel Lee getting tossed around like a ping pong ball. In the Poem "For Annie" the narrator thinks that nobody really worries if he lives or dies. "Might fancy me dead-Might start at beholding me, thinking me dead."

The mood created by some lines in this poem makes it seem like a dreadful, slow, painful death is occurring. "The moaning and groaning, the sighing and sobbing, are quieted now, with that horrible throbbing at heart: - ah, that horrible, horrible throbbing!" Using words such as horrible and throbbing and moaning and groaning creates such a fearful image in your head. Onomatopoeias are also used very often to created sound that's makes your heart beat faster then a racehorse' hooves. Just thinking about "Moaning and groaning" makes you automatically think about pain and torture. The moods of horror and gloomy are created to make imagery inside your head by E.A. Poe.