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Emotions in any literary piece must come from within. For any author to discredit his own influence on his work is like admitting that it conveys none of his inner thoughts or feelings, causing it to be entirely impersonal. For a piece work of fiction to truly touch the readers' heart, whether it is sensitively or with a chill, feelings found only in the depths of consciousness will convey the intended message. This is none more true than the Edgar Allen Poe. The subjects incorporated in his writing are greatly influenced by the tragical occurrences in his life.

From the very start, Edgar Poe's life succumbed to tragedy. Losing his mother early on was the beginning of consumption's distraught on Poe. This early loss influenced his grim outlook on life and the way he looked upon others. Impacted by his detached relationship with his adoptive parents, and his many voyages to and from America, Poe created the atmospheric theme of the stormy night accompanied by a feeling of dread and horror present in many of his works.

The disappearance of his father early on in life, as well as the distance between his step-father and himself account for the sense of anonymity of many characters in Poe's short stories over the years.

As did his early life, before being truly established as a writer was a base in his sense of style, his later life directly influenced much of his work. Since his youth, Edgar always had room in his heart for love. His first, one of his schoolyard friend's older sister, died of brain cancer. His later marriage to his cousin Virginia would inspire many remarkable works including The Raven. During Virginia's sickness with consumption, Poe was powerless to aid her in her time of need, and succumbed to...