Edinburgh's Saint.

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This is a story about a boy. It is about believing in the impossible and making it come true. There was a boy, an amazing boy. He was born in 1645. Since he could talk he always told his parents that he was different from others. Of course his parents always thought that he was the same as everyone else.

"He is just overreacting. He cannot be special, nor can he be different. In this world everyone is equal, no one is better or worse, no one has special powers," his mother said to his father.

They hoped he was normal. The year was 1660. The boy was 15 years old. His name was Anthony. His father was a locksmith so his friends called him smithy or Anthony Smith. He did not mind, in fact he liked it. His family always were one of the richer families in the town of Edinburgh. They had a reasonable house, maybe not like one of those huge castles, but it was big.

One night Anthony had a dream, a dream of horror. The new castle that was been built in Edinburgh was collapsing. He woke up from horror. He thought it was a nightmare. He thought about telling his mum but decided against it. He believed in nightmares.

He was wrong. The next night he had the same dream. This time he decided to see it until the end. The castle collapsed at the time when five builders were there putting final touches to it. The collapse killed all five. He could see it as if it was there in front of him.

The castle construction in reality was still only just commencing. He decided to visit the site of construction and see which brick was used or the construction. To his...