An editorial-format of the author's perspective of young children in this generation.

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I get extremely annoyed when I see my little sister, only age 12, talking to her "boyfriend" on the phone.

I hate to see her friends dressed like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

I hate the excessive glitter eye shadow make-up that they all wear.

I hate to see elementary boys all "thugged out" and "pimping."

I surf the internet and see personal webpages created by these kids with a bunch of web-cam pictures posted. Their knowledge of HTML webpage development is quite impressive for their age, and the content is too extreme.

I dislike a lot of things kids around the age of 12 do. I was never allowed to do any of these things at that age. Am I jealous? No. I just think it is stupid that kids aren't acting like kids anymore!

I go out to church fairs and bowling alleys and see these kids with their boyfriends or girlfriends, hugging each other in public.

It was better when boys and girls thought each other had 'cooties.' The sight of them hugging each another does not bother me as much as the thought of how the parents trust their children so much to let them go out at such a young age--unsupervised.

Today, kids are growing up too fast, trying to be 'mature' when they are not.

They say people who question the maturity of others are usually lacking maturity themselves. Sure, I am immature, but at least I act my age.

I go grocery shopping and see little eight-year-olds sporting a purse. Cute? Yes. But c'mon now! They're only eight. This is when you don't use the phrase, "Grow up!"

Back in the old days, girls at this age still play with dolls. But now it is all different.

There are make-up products advertised towards...