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Edmontosaurus is the name of a large extinct reptile of the late Cretaceous period, about sixty-five million years ago. Actually, Edmontosaurous means "Edmonton Lizard", named from the Canadian Edmonton rock formation in Alberta. This dinosaur was named in 1917 by Lawrence M. Lambe. You might even remember the Edmontosaurous from the Disney classic, the Land Before Time,as "Ducky". Fossils found in Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, and New Jersey suggest the Edmontosaurous roamed the North American region.

The biggest Edmontosaurous could reach up to three meters (forty-seven feet), but they were usually nine meters long. They weighed somewhere three and a half tons, making it one of the largest hadrusaurids. There were no teeth in the duckbill, however in the cheeks there are hundreds of teeth. The Edmontosaurous also have stiff tails and bulky bodies. Also, their legs are bigger in the back because the Edmontosaurous can walk on all four or just on their two hind legs, making them bipedal.

Claw on Edmontosaurous are three-toed.

The Edmontosaurous could pass the toughest food across it's teeth with their muscular cheek pouches. The teeth of the Edmontosaurous are much like the teeth of a modern day shark, the way the new teeth immediately replace the ones lost.

The way the Edmontosaurous' skull looks implies that there was loose skin around the nasal passage. Scientists think that these skin flaps were inflatable, in order to scare other dinosaurs and as part of the mating ritual. The Edmontosaurous lived in herds that migrated with the seasons for food (plants).