Educating Rita

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Dialog Frank-Rita Frank: Hey Rita! Riittaa - or Susan? Is that you? Rita: Frank???!!??? No Frank? My tutor Frank? Yeah it's me ,Rita, oh it must have been ages since I saw you the last time.

Frank: It is so wonderful to see you. You have not changed at all ,you are just as pretty as you used to be! Rita: Stop lying jerk! What are you doing here? I am so surprised to see you! Frank: I am on vacation here! I never forgot about you! Nobody has ever been such a powerful person, so enthusiastic, straightforward and fond of learning about literature again... Let's have a drink somewhere to talk about the past, I am so curious what you've done during all the years I have a bunch of questions!! Rita: So am I! Let me just give Phil, my husband, a call to pick up our daughter from ballet! Frank: You've got family? Rita: I sure do! Meanwhile my husband has become a doctor in a hospital, that's where I met him.

Frank: And you also have children? Rita: We've got a daughter, that is enough work for the moment, but she is the cutest kid you can imagine. She will turn four next month and it is so wonderful to see her growing up. Wait, I guess I have got a picture in my purse...

Frank: She looks just as you do, the same blue eyes and the same wonderful smile.. What's her name? Rita: Her name is Jessica, but everybody just calls her Jess! We are all very proud of her! I still can't believe that you're sitting here with me, my tutor Frank. I can't tell how much you affected my life. It's you who made me , who gave me a new meaning...