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Russell - Educating Rita - Seite 1 | 2 Willy Russell Educating RitaEducating RitaEducating Rita Introduction The content What is the purpose ? About the scenery The play Act I Act II Educating RitaEducating Rita was first performed in 1980; it was copyrighted by Willy Russell and firstly printed in 1981.

The Content Basically, Educating Rita is about a 26-year-old woman (Rita S. White) who decided to take a literature course at the Open University, and her tutor (Frank Bryant), the second of the two actors of the play, who is in his early 50s and allowed himself to "be talked into" teaching as an Open University tutor "" he also needs the money. At first, Frank doesn't want to teach her at all because she's very uneducated and that means a lot of work for him. But as they go on, he begins to like her.

Throughout the year Rita becomes more and more educated. There are some minor and major crises until the end, when both Rita and Frank leave the university "" Rita because she has passed her exams, Frank because the university dismissed him because he was drunk during too many lectures. The concluding scene shows community, though "" Rita, trying to give Frank something back for all his teaching, cuts his hair.

oben What is the purpose ? Willy Russell wrote Educating Rita mainly as a comedy. He wanted to write a funny play to be watched, not to be studied (although he doesn't object to studying it); yet there is a kind of message in the play. Russell, a son of a working class couple himself, saw deep injustice in the way the lower classes were treated. Although working class people have very important and wonderful qualities, those qualities are regarded...