Educating Rita - a description of the story and breakdown of characters

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Educating Rita

In this essay I am going to describe the two main characters, Frank and Rita and how they change through out the play. I will also look at how I would stage scenes six and seven including props, characters positions, body language, actions, movements and facial expressions. Educating Rita is a twentieth century drama about the transformation of Rita, an uneducated, inexperienced and rather childish woman who changes into an intelligent and responsible adult. This transformation is supported by Frank her university lecturer who she forms a close relationship with. This relationship grows as Frank and Rita help each other though life and the problems one another face.

At the start of the play Rita is a fairly childish woman in the way she is always in a hurry and is always trying to everything at once as shown in the stage directions. 'Rita bursts through the door out of breath'.

She is quite inexperienced in life and is very excitable with new things. When Rita first goes to the theatre she was so excited about it she had to run and tell Frank. "I had to come an' tell y'."

"I went to the theatre! A proper one" she boasted to Frank. Rita looks up to Frank because he is educated and she wants to be like him, even though he has lots of other problems with his life. As the play goes on she becomes more fascinated with culture and literature. Rita changes, she becomes more intelligent she begins to lose her inner child and seems to grow up a little. Although you can still see that she is a child within it is more hidden she terns into the person she always dreamed of being and finally passes her examination.

Frank is Rita's university lecturer...