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"Make an image of our nature in its education and want of education,

likening it to a condition of the following kind" - Plato (3).

x2 + 5 = 30 is a simple algebraic problem that most eighth graders could solve. The answer is obviously x = + or -5. Does solving a math problem make someone an educated person? Are people that can solve difficult mathematical equations more educated than someone who communicates well with others? In today's society there are literally thousands of ways a person could be educated, meaning there is no single definition. Although people that society considers truly educated share similar characteristics such as the ability to read, write and use technology, education cannot be specifically defined.

Most people would agree that reading and writing are fundamentals that one must have in order to be considered educated. Some may consider speaking a sign of education, but there are thousands of people in the United States that can speak multiple languages that have received no formal education.

Since human brains have a physical location for speaking, language comes more naturally than reading or writing. The ability to read and write is only learned through repetition and is taught as early as kindergarten. By the time a child gets to first grade, they should already be able to read and write at a certain level. While reading and writing may seem basic, there are hundreds of millions of people in the world that have had no formal education and do not possess the literacy skills that most Americans find basic. By having these simple skills, one would be considered educated to a certain degree.

In today's society, having the ability to use technology is essential. Typically, people that are able to use the technology of today...