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Having an advanced college degree is a vital for person looking for employment in today's economy because in today's society many people hold college degrees higher than a Bachelor's Degree. If one is to be noticed in the employment world you need at least a Bachelor's or even a Master's Degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "The average percent of students that get good jobs coming from 4 years of college experience is eighty five percent. The average percent of students who get a good job with only a high school diploma is twenty nine percent." We as Americans always rely greatly on a good paying job to support our family and ourselves. However, without a college education nowadays that is impossible. Times have changed in America. The high school diploma is not worth what it used to be anymore; now we will be lucky enough today to get a good job with an Associate's Degree.

If we look back at the education system thirty years ago compared to today's education system we can see that education thirty years ago was geared more towards a manufacturing economy. Our economy thrived on mass production of goods which meant people did not need a higher education because they only needed to make products over and over. Jobs were repetitive tasks. Thirty years ago a high school diploma meant a lot. A high school diploma back then was equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree today. Today's economy is about selling the goods and services that other people make this is how we make our money now. We take products and services that other people have created and we sell it to other people or industries to make money. So today's economy is more demanding for a higher education because employees...