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Importance Of Education.

I being a eighth grader thinks that ,due to the lack of education in our country it is not developing. The circumstances of the country are getting worse which could only be stopped by giving education to the people.

Many countries provide the people with free education and so the countries are developing day by day and there is no terrorism.

There are about 110 million children ages 5-15 around the world, who do not get a chance to read or write.There are several reasons like poverty,slavery,discrimination against girls,religious affairs or corrupt government.Every child in this world has the right and privilage to be educated.It is a very big challange to educate children all over the world,but it should be the top global priority.

Ignorance and hatered can only be stopped through education.

Children should learn to promote peace,help eachother in difficult times,make our country and communities a better place.

Now a days,education is lacking,due to which there are crimes,hatered,bloodshed,

poverty,slavery and child labour.Instead of child labour ,the children should be encouraged to attend schools.

Charles Dickens wrote in his books about child labour to be banned as he had experienced it.When people read those books they joined hands to ban child labour.They encouraged children to attend schools,as it would help them in later in their lives.The government took action against it and it is still banned in England.

Our government should atleast,provide the people with free education and health-care system and take action against child labour.

If any incident takes place in our country,at once a strike is announced,all educational institutes are closed as well as transpotation. Closing of schools and transpotation strike will not matter,as people only care about their families and themselves. Due to the lack...