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Thematic Unit "Pumpkins"� One week Unit Integrating: Math and Language Arts I. Purpose This unit has been written to meet the objectives and state standards for early childhood education curriculum. The unit that follows will be presented to a second grade classroom during the first semester of the standard school year. The theme "Pumpkins"� was chosen to allow integration within the strands of mathematics and language arts. Other areas of interest are also provided in this unit to enhance the curriculum development. The presented unit, which is more appropriate and meaningful for the fall season, allows teachers to familiarize themselves and the students with an integrated lesson plan that will enhance their past, present, and future knowledge of pumpkins. This thematic topic is easily adjustable to various grades and learning styles of the children.

Thematic Unit "Pumpkins"� One Week Unit Integrating: Mathematics and Language Arts Grade: 2 Early Childhood Education PunPP General Thematic Information Pumpkins Thematic Outline Pumpkins I.

Monday Language Arts Read: 1) "Pumpkin, Pumpkin"� by, Jeannie Titherington 2) Make story wheel (see attached lesson plan) 3) Brainstorm Journal Entry Ideas 4) Write corresponding words on the butcher paper "pumpkin"� and hang on wall for remainder of the week. Children can use this as a reference for spelling when writing in their journals 5) Free Journal Entry. Children are able to write any topic in their journals.

Mathematics 1) Review Sequencing via story "Pumpkin, Pumpkin"� 2) Hand out for sequencing (see attached sheet) 3) Label stages of pumpkin sequencing on sheet Additional Material 1) Centers 2) Art: Tactile letters. On construction paper draw a pumpkin with a "p"� in the center. Have students glue pumpkin seeds to the letter "p"� to outline letter.

3) Mystery Box: use this to present the unit. In a large box place a pumpkin...