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After the end of the World War II, Education was the best way to find a modern road towards development and economic growth. It has been giving its benefits to the developed countries, relatively the developing countries, so it has created many differences and competitions among countries all around the world. The purpose of this essay is to expose the significance of education and its influences on country.

With utilizing from education we can grow a creative and productive generation in order to avoid any unexpected crisis or bankruptcy in our countries and companies, and it helps to build up powerful economic infrastructure. So it has a sustainable advantage because if each country has its own robust economy, definitely it can boost education sectors make people stand on their own feet. For instance, if we look at some developing countries such as Kurdistan, we see that in 1999s most of the Kurdish students were quitting studying in school.

You might have already known than breast milk and formula is the best ways to feed you little one. Here are some tips and facts on how you can perfectly start the safe use of cow's milk. Not before your child's first birthday that you shall give your baby cow milk as a main drink. Giving you baby cow milk earlier than one year old could deprive him from important nutrients and nutrients such as iron, vitamin c. on the other hand, cow's milk contains or comprise of or includes high concentration of protein, fat, minerals that your baby' little stomach cannot completely digest yet. As a result, your baby may suffer from iron-deficiency anemia, abdominal pain, and digestion problems, and serious allergic reactions. You should give your baby whole milk until the age of two because they need a...