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There are many schools in America that are poverty stricken, begging for more of the government's money, and not getting a dime. These schools that are living in poverty need a change. There needs to be more public school funding and it does need to come from the government.

In Kozol's book, Savage Inequalities, he talks about how public schools are unequally funded. These schools that are mentioned in the book are schools that need the most help. Kozol talks about a particular city in East St. Louis, where the population is ninety-eight percent black, where "˜nearly a third of the families live on $7,500 and seventy-five percent of the population live on some type of welfare' (Kozol 7). Here in this city the children are living in very dangerous conditions, such as, sewage problems, lead, arsenic, mercury, and steroids in the soil, and garbage and smoke in the air.

These dangerous living conditions open up the door for many diseases such as, liver tumors, abcesses, and even hair loss. This town can't even afford to keep open the city hall or the fire departments. In this city there is a pornography theater in the center of the town, but there is no theater showing movies suitable for children. The children in this town are very uneducated and some of them don't even know what grade they are in. When asked what time school started, he received three different answers. It takes this to bring me to my point, this city has a low education level simply because there is no money for the children to go to school. Sure they have schools, but these students don't even have a steady teacher. When they get adjusted to one teacher, that one moves on and another one comes in...