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Education can be either formal or non-formal. The family constituter the main source of knowledge and, therefore; has the greatest influence on their children in their early stages of acquiring knowledge and mother tongue. This kind of learning takes place in national setting-non-formal. Parents have to provide almost everything for their children.

Education is one of the key words of our time. A person without education is an unfortunate victim of adverse circumstances deprived of one of the greatest opportunities nowadays. Convinced of the importance of education, modern states invest in institutions of learning and teaching materials, one may imagine what would civilization be like without its benefits?

There is a sense in which all life is learning-life itself is a process of education, and its lessons may be well or badly learned. It might seemed that analysis of the concept of education is needed first, and that the various processes of teaching and learning can be inferred from the nature of education.

Education is concerned with character development. The acquisition of skills as primarily a process of acquiring of knowledge.

To learn seems to mean to acquire new knowledge that implies getting to know something that was not known before.

The aims of education are seen to be determined by the needs of the individual, and the primary consideration must be that of motivation.

In recent years, educationists have begun to recognize the complexity of the language demands being made on the young schoolchild, and to realise that progress in many areas of the curriculum is greatly dependent on a satisfactory foundation of linguistic skills. The educational setting presents the children with a variety subjects related to language. They have to learn a new range of linguistic skills, reading, writing, and spelling.

More attention has been paid to...