Education for America (with work cited)

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Education for America

One of the most important issues being expressed during the 2004 Presidential Election is that of education. Every child should have the opportunities necessary to grow and learn in our educational system, irrespective of their family's social or financial status, race, or nationality. This day in age, education can easily be viewed as the core to a successful life. Since the war started, many issues that might be viewed as being less-important or vital have almost been ignored by many people in our society. The fact is that education is one of the most important, and proves to also be rewarding to society as a whole; through learning and education, we become better citizens, and role models for those to come.

As this was the first presidential election that I have been able to participate in, I was able to not only look at the options, and read about what the candidates' issues are, but also to participate by voting.

I feel that many of us tend to find importance of a candidates' character by relying on the issues that are very big at the time, instead of observing all the issues that the candidate stands on, and making an informative decision. Many people do not understand how important education really is. We are a very individualistic society, and tend to mainly see or care about issues that directly affect our own pocket or interests. For example, with education, many people may not see the importance since they no longer attend school, are older and do not feel they benefit, are financially well-endowed, or live in Suburbia, USA, and do not have to

worry about their children not receiving a good education, since their children go to the best schools in the city. The fact is, there...