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Sitting in his office in room 219D of Allen Hall, Chris Tusa, an English instructor at LSU, quietly works during his office hours. In this small office barely the size of two public bathroom stalls, he makes use of his time by helping his students who occasionally come in and by checking up on his web design company. The walls are studded with paintings, posters and even a maroon decorative rug. At the first site of him you might even think he was a student because he is very young looking, and has hair that grows past the top of his ears. However, Chris Tusa is an English instructor and prides himself on the fact that not only can he teach his classes about the real world, he cares about them too. He doesn't just want his classes to make a good grades, he wants them to walk away with more than an A.

He wants them to walk away with a skill or a number of skills that they can use throughout the rest of their life.

Born in New Orleans, he attended Brother Martin high school; however he had a love for writing long before he enrolled in high school. In fact, he realized he loved writing at the age of eight years old. That love of writing grew throughout high school and then into college where he received his bachelors and first masters from Southeastern

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Louisiana University. He then moved to the University of Florida where he received his second masters and taught as an instructor. Wanting to be closer to his hometown of New Orleans, he got a job as an instructor at Louisiana State University (LSU), where he currently works.

One of the things that he loves about his job is...